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The seeds for the creation of Pataskala Meats were planted almost 20 years ago at Ashbrook Stock Farms in Alexandria, Ohio when Kirk Hall and his father-in-law Albert Ashbrook raised sheep and sold them directly to ethnic customers at the farm. At that time a small slaughterhouse was used in an old hog barn, barely with running water, to provide a place for ethnic customers to pick out and process their own food. Freezer meat was also raised on the farm, beef and pork, and then taken to other local butcher shops for customers to purchase local food.


Demand for sheep and lamb was growing, but the facilities they were using did not meet state food safety standards, and they had to shut down.


In 2011, Kirk Hall purchased a 5-acre tract of land on Broad Street in Pataskala in the hopes that he could afford to build a butcher shop that would cater to everyone and provide a high profile location for locally-sourced fresh meat and farm-to-table products.


It took Kirk five years to build the USDA federally regulated shop using almost all used equipment purchased at auctions. Kirk worked tirelessly and spent almost 1 million dollars over the 5-year period. Pataskala Meats opened for business in May of 2016.

Kirk still operates the farm in Alexandria, 7 miles from the shop, where beef, sheep, lamb, pork, goat, chickens, and hay is grown and sourced to provide the freshest local products at Pataskala Meats.

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