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Pataskala Meats is taking orders for custom butchering services. Give us a call at (740) 927-3006 to schedule your animals to be delivered during specific times. If you do not have a means of locating or hauling livestock to be butchered, we can source the livestock for you, but it takes longer for this process as we have to source and truck animals to the plant in a cost-effective way. We will call you for cutting instructions. Pricing below based on you supplying and delivering the animal. USDA labeling of meat for retail sale is not a service we offer due to various reasons.

  • Hanging weight times $1.25 / pound plus $80 kill / rendering fee

  • Beef hangs in a chill cooler for approx 10-days before processed

  • All meat vacuum sealed, labeled as "NOT FOR SALE" freezer meat

  • No extra charge for hamburgers (up to 25 lbs), vacuum packing, or custom cuts or quarters

  • Due to BSE (mad cow) regulations, Pataskala Meats will only process cattle under the age of 30 months. Cattle over the age of 30 months will be refused. You may be asked to provide proof of beef age.

  • A flat fee of $300 up to 240 lbs hanging weight, $1.25/pound over

  • All meat vacuum sealed, labeled "NOT FOR SALE" freezer meat

  • All pigs are skinned because we do not have a scalder (hair remover)

  • Two choices of sausage product for a flat fee, extra charge for the third choice

  • Bacon and Ham included in flat fee if desired

  • Kill, split, and hang pig only $75 (no cut up or processing)

  • A flat fee of $125

  • All meat vacuum sealed, labeled "NOT FOR SALE" freezer meat

  • Halal (religious kill) available upon request

  • Kill and hang lamb/goat only (no processing) $50

** Pataskala Meats is a USDA federal plant subject to extensive animal handling, food safety, and butchering practices. We do not process birds. Ask us about providing a whole animal to fill up your freezer.

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